Making a positive difference everyday.

The challenge

Milled seeds are truly mighty, packed full of nutrients and vitamins, but the market was blinding customers with science. Their appeal was still niche because customers weren’t sure how and when they should be using them.

The customer

Busy lifestyles, fussy eaters, unrealistic expectations make healthy eating a minefield. So if Yum & Yay was going to succeed, it had to slot into customers’ lives. We needed to show them that a spoonful of Yum & Yay was all they needed. Stirred, sprinkled, blended or simply used to top their favourite food and drinks.

The result

A refreshingly honest and positive brand, that has an inclusive ‘can do’ attitude. No fuss, no faff, just a naturally easy way to say YES to healthy. With listings in Sainsbury’s nationwide and promising early sales, Yum & Yay look to bring a spoonful of common sense to the category.

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