Waking up the next generation.

The challenge

Although much loved, Soreen was seen as an at-home, teatime snack and they needed to get people to think beyond their traditional malt loaf. Breakfast and snacking trends were changing fast and there was a real opportunity for Soreen to create products that worked for different occasions away from home too.


The customer

Research showed that almost half of British adults ate snacks on-the-go, especially younger customers, in full-time work or study and those with children at home. Juggling busy lives, but not wanting to compromise on health and taste was what mattered most, so how could we give Soreen a lighter touch, but still take the things people loved into a different category?


The result

By capturing the brand’s personality on pack – fun, sunshine and always looking on the bright side, we helped them to grow 5 times faster than the rest of the category. A design that really focused on the benefits and had the right cues for the market, broadening the appeal for customers and Soreen’s footprint in store.