Eat cake and feel great!

The challenge

The founders had defied the laws of cakery to create a wholesome product, bursting with natural ingredients and no refined sugar. Scrummmptious looks like cake, it tastes like cake, but how do we sell a ‘healthy’ cake to ‘real’ cake lovers with a sweet tooth?

The customer

The pressure to live a healthier lifestyle and do the right thing is everywhere. Sugar is public enemy No.1 and customers know cutting it down makes sense. But let’s be honest, cake should be all about taste, shouldn’t it? Why can’t you eat cake and feel great?

The result

Scrummmptious says ‘I’ll tickle your tastebuds as well as ticking all the boxes.’ It doesn’t preach, but it does reassure. It satisfies those cake-cravings without the guilt! From zero to over 400 Tesco stores nationwide, Scrummmptious are also in talks with other major supermarkets as the brand continues to grow.