Finding Mr Stanley’s sweet spot.

The challenge

Gorgeous confectionery, but with distinctly underwhelming packaging that wasn’t living up to the magical taste. Mr Stanley’s had the potential to be a Great British brand, one that combined our love of nostalgia with a quintessential English feel.

The customer

Sweet treats and retro flavours will always appeal to customers’ need to escape the everyday. Simple pleasures like a trip to the seaside or the circus, bring back fond memories of the past. All great brands have a story and the one we crafted for Mr Stanley’s transported customers to a bygone era, bringing back magical tastes like coconut ice, Turkish delight and liquorice to tempt confectionery lovers today.

The result

With its playful stripes and whimsical illustrations we’ve embraced the spirit of the adventurous Victorian traveller, giving Mr Stanley a modern makeover for the 21st Century. The branding and packaging has now travelled from London to Sydney with over 100 skus in 22 countries, taking its very British look all over the world.