Making the kitchen a place for everyone.

The challenge

With often less than enthusiastic staff, trying to fathom the cookware department can be a complete nightmare. Even for most confident home cooks, the breadth of choice and confusing price points are enough to tempt anyone to order a takeaway.

The customer

The Meyer range had products for all abilities, but relied on customers to work out which one was right for them. By thinking about the different stages of life and what matters to them most in their kitchen, we were able to shape the brands around each and every one.

The result

From premium ranges that matched the passion of Raymond Blanc with more adventurous cooks, to family favourites like Prestige, that ticks the boxes for everyday homes, we introduced a simple buying guide on pack to act like a silent salesman. Applied to over 400 SKUs, we helped Meyer to come across as real experts in the kitchen.