Delving into past to unearth an authentic story.

The challenge

Once the most famous tea company in England, Mazawattee was all but forgotten. But for the passion of one family, who were so captivated by the rich heritage of the brand, they wanted to bring back a taste of the past.

The customer

People love an authentic story, one that stirs the imagination and takes us on a real journey. Of course few customers would be able to recollect the original brand and even less knew the meaning of the word Mazawattee, so we had a real opportunity to bring back a taste of the past, re-blended for future tea drinkers.

The result

After searching for interesting nuggets in the archives, we happened upon an almost unbelievable story. In its heyday, Mazawattee tea deliveries were made by a zebra-drawn carriage, no doubt causing something of a stir in Victorian society! A wonderful image that gives us a uniquely ownable brand logo for today.