Putting Denby at the heart of every occasion.

The challenge

People simply aren’t buying into the traditional dinner service anymore. It no longer fits a more relaxed way of eating and entertaining at home. New fashioned tableware needed to unlock what’s at the heart of modern gatherings to bring warmth and authenticity to the table.

Denby Work 02

The customer

To capture the hearts of younger customers as well as Denby’s core market, we needed people to look at the brand in a different way. Creating a story around those small moments in everyday life elevated by objects that were handcrafted and truly enriched the experience.

Denby Work 04

The result

By packaging up products so customers could picture them in their homes, we helped to position this handcrafted range as the perfect ‘Natural Canvas’ for the modern home. Creating Denby’s most successful launch of the last 10 years in John Lewis and continuing to evolve a working relationship of over 2 decades.