A touch of humour not rock bottom pricing.

The challenge

The territory of the discounters is awash with ‘me too’ designs and ‘cheap as chips’ brands. But why when customers were trying to be creative with their household budgets, does the packaging have to be so bland? Getting them to rethink about a mundane household essential they popped into their basket without a seconds thought, was going to be tough!

The customer

They might be watching the pennies, but customers certainly weren’t prepared to sacrifice comfort in the bathroom. We needed to catch their eye and make them smile. But also reassure them that the product would be every bit as soft and squishy as they deserved. Not just be a second rate version of their favourite brands.

The result

Using uplifting humour and not taking life to seriously has helped give Aria a unique positioning. With everyday personalities and characters we all recognise, it’s a breath of fresh air in the category with everyday moments that really touch us and give customers a good feeling in every sense.