Like most creatives, we’re obsessed with Instagram – little squares full of promise, carefully curated to capture a moment of perfection. And with over 500 million using the service daily it appears we are far from alone. So what’s next for this rapidly growing platform.

The internet quite simply has too many pictures and not enough stories. Surely there’s a point at which people want to move beyond the fairytale interiors and the smug wellbeing gurus. We’re no longer happy just to peer through the little windows, we want to open the door and be allowed inside.

The influencers that really inspire are the ones that reveal the flaws behind their perfect taste, their daily struggle between clean living and inner demons. That’s where things start to get interesting, as we delve deeper and engage with people and brands with unprecedented access.

Gone is the over engineered aesthetic, the meticulously curated feed. Customers have wised up to the fakery and want brands to talk to them. Just like any other touchpoint, your personality is key, that coupled with a genuine interest in the people you seek to influence and ultimately sell too.

As experts in home and food clients, we know all about brand personalities, how to create images that inspire, which topics are really getting people fired up and how to craft the stories behind your squares.

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