Not getting the level of creativity you’re after is the No. 1 reason why businesses decide to switch their marketing/design agency. This probably comes as little surprise. As Lord Saatchi said a number of years ago, ‘Creativity is the last legal way to gain an unfair advantage’! Creativity is the key differentiating skill a company possesses, turning functional products and services into something super desirable. It differentiates how things look, feel, sound. It also makes working life much more inspiring, as well as creating a buzz around a company. But it also has to go hand in hand with commerciality. Creativity that looks great but which doesn’t get results for you is a luxury in today’s competitive world. As a creative community, we need to constantly hark on about this, because all too often we see companies who aren’t embracing creativity anywhere near to the extent that they could. Usually to the detriment of their performance. The message should be never settle for second best when it comes to creativity and commerciality. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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