It’s all too easy to design something that looks kinda cool or has the latest new-fangled print technique, but let’s be honest does the average customer really know the difference?

The supermarket shelf is a war zone, full of ‘look at me’ packaging, all jostling for attention. Each one carefully orchestrated to sell their wares to an overwhelmed and often battle weary customer.

So put yourself in their shoes, make it simple, give them clear reasons to want to buy into your brand and bring you into their homes. Don’t make assumptions that they all want to be experts or that they know your brand is the bees’ knees.

As a customer (not a designer) I’m often bored senseless when I go shopping, so much of the same old, unimaginative stuff. There is too much sameness in the market, too much playing it safe. It’s no wonder we’re switching off.

It sounds obvious, but start with your customer, don’t assume you know what they want. Get under their skin, work out what makes them go ‘yay’, ‘I love it!’, ‘It’s the one’, ‘It’s really talking to me, rather than just mindlessly waffling about itself’.

Now you can give it a fancy name or engineer a complicated methodology, we simply prefer the ‘gotcha’ moment, and we’re all striving for one of those aren’t we!

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