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Case study

A zesty makeover with over 40 skus for
the London Fruit & Herb Company.

Typhoo - Nik and Carole

Bringing more tea
to the nation with

When it comes to tea, there’s definitely
a few top tips we can share with our clients.
Having worked with tea companies,
both large and small, the teapot’s never cold
at Nik and Carole. We’re very proud to
fly the red, white and blue flag for favourite
Typhoo and have helped them to launch
many a successful brew!


Nik and Carole have worked with
Typhoo on a number of projects and in
each bring a high level of passion
and experience. Their collaborative and
enthusiastic approach to design is
refreshing and their understanding of
our brands and their unique requirements
is unparalleled.”

Stacey at Typhoo

Making Typhoo’s
Heath & Heather
the UK’s No.1 brand
in the independent
health sector

Typhoo image one

With sales climbing
at 6.2% we helped
Ben Fogle promote this
great heritage brand

Typhoo - Nik and Carole
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