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Case study

Launching Soreen’s first
on-the-go Breakfast Bakes.

Soreen Breakfast Bars - Nik and Carole

Using our loaf to
keep Soreen
bucking the trend

Soreen have been brightening up our studio for over 15 years and in that time we’ve helped them with many successful launches. Our latest range has seen them burst into the breakfast aisle, and with Soreen’s sales up 17.8%, it appears that their investment in NPD is really paying off.

Brightening up lunchboxes with
Soreen’s mini loaf packaging.

Soreen Malt Loaf

Nik and Carole have worked with us on
many packaging design projects over the
last couple of years. We have thoroughly
enjoyed working with them and recognise
their excellence in packaging design.
They always interpret the brief well,
respond quickly and ‘get’ our brand –
playing an important part in our
brand growth.”

Sara at Soreen

A sweet edition to
Soreen’s range
of family-friendly

Spreading a
little festive joy
for Soreen

Soreen Festive Loaf - Nik and Carole
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