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Case study

Typography and branding created in collaboration
with couture florist Laura Lee.

Kenneth Turner - Nik and Carole

Helping luxury
brand Kenneth
Turner to bloom

An exciting rebrand fashioned from
flowers for the Kenneth Turner range of
couture home fragrances. Its founder
was certainly no shrinking violet and the
original packaging was hardly a
forget-me-not! So inspired by the art of
the florist, we handpicked and beautifully
arranged each floral letter to create a
unique signature for the brand


Kenneth Turner middle image

Nik and Carole listened
and understood exactly what
we wanted and needed,
even when we didn’t know

Jennine at Kenneth Turner

A scented picture that
blossomed beautifully
across all their
branding, packaging
and literature

Sitting pretty with
listings in Selfridges
and Fortnum & Mason

Kenneth Turner
Kenneth Turner - Nik and Carole

Luxury packaging for Kenneth Turner
autumn /winter range.

Kenneth Turner - Nik and Carole
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