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Case study

Putting Denby
at the heart
on every occasion

We’ve been bringing Denby into
people’s homes for nearly 18 years.
It’s a brand built on craftsmanship
and tradition, that’s had to evolve
to keep its place at the table.
The recipe for success – a mix of
on-trend styling, engaging brand
stories and a very loyal client!

Photography and literature that
celebrates the beauty of the glazes.

Denby middle image

We all very much enjoy working with
Nik and Carole – partly because of the lovely
people but also because of the level of
service, responsiveness and input we get
from them. The knowledge they have
developed of our business is impressive
and makes briefing and discussions
very much easier.”

Hayley at Denby

A natural canvas
for Denby’s
latest designs

Fashioning the look
of Denby’s Monsoon

Denby - Nik and Carole

Packaging with real appetite
appeal for James Martin Gastro.

Denby - Nik and Carole
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