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Case study

A new global brand logo for 2016.

Amefa - Nik and Carole

Helping Amefa
slice up the
cutlery market

When you find a client who values design,
it’s great for business – both ours and theirs.
We met Amefa at a pivotal point in a tired
market where everyone played it safe and
failed to engage with consumers.
But after 6 years of shaking things up
with branding, packaging and literature,
their sales have more than doubled!

Literature and brand language that challenges
the rules of the cutlery market.

Amefa middle image

All of us here love working with
Nik and Carole, it’s a great partnership.
You guys create loads of fantastic
stuff and have been a really important
part of the success we have enjoyed
as a business over the last 6 years.
So thank you for everything so far,
and long may it continue!”

John at Amefa

Packaging that
brings new trends
to the table

Cutting edge
packaging design
for Richardson


Customers come back for seconds
with our in-store loyalty scheme.

Amefa - Nik and Carole

A simple idea that’s
just a cut above.

Amefa - Nik and Carole
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